Humans are the seed of our growth.

What we do

At our core, exceptional results stem from our vibrant culture. Expertise and teamwork spark collaboration and innovation. With seasoned mastery, we're poised to fuel your game-changing projects.


We excel at linking exceptional individuals to innovative companies. Our expert tech recruitment process identifies those with skills, passion, and impact. Whether for Direct Hiring or a Hybrid approach, we find stars in the talent galaxy, navigating limitless possibilities.


Direct Hiring

As matchmakers, we connect IT companies with their perfect team members, giving you the breather you deserve. With our proven track record in swiftly securing top-tier talent, we're your dedicated direct hire partner, ready to champion your cause and help you build your dream team.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Catering to both short-term and long-term needs, our RPO services are designed to reinforce your HR capacity with the expertise of our tech recruitment specialists. By adopting the RPO model, you'll get the perfect fit for your company.


Experienced individuals can spark transformative change in stagnant companies. Human mobility enables seamless transitions between projects, fostering guidance, career growth, and tech coaching. This benefits both individuals and organizations.


Team Extension

Boost your in-house skills with top-notch technical excellence. Collaborative leadership and supervision elevate your software development team, integrating external talent for optimal project fulfillment.

Time Materials

Gain access to highly specialized software profiles while circumventing the complexities of research, recruitment, and training. Our flexible approach allows you to pay only for the time you require, ensuring premium outcomes that remain in sync with prevailing market trends.


Nearshore in Portugal offer perks, sidestepping time zones, language, and culture issues. Work closely with teams, fostering real-time communication and seamless collaboration.

Product Software

We craft custom, intelligent solutions for global industry leaders, exceeding expectations through the agility of our seasoned experts and efficient methodologies.

Product & Software

Turn-key Projects

We craft bespoke projects to your specs. Our dedicated team manages the full lifecycle, from inception to delivery. Sit back, we hand you a ready-to-use solution.

Research Development

We thrive on the edge, exploring new tech frontiers. Our expert team in software development and system integration is innovation-driven. Join our journey of limitless success through new solutions.

Setup Operation

Starting from scratch can be complex. We cover it all: location, legalities, ongoing support.

Our services include legal/accounting partnerships, recruitment, office space options (traditional or coworking). We offer insights into Portugal's culture, costs, demographics. Count on us to provide you a solid foundation for growth.

Setup Operation

How we do it?


The First

Hi Human! It all starts here!


Business Proposal

Regardless of the service, this is the time to present you with an official proposal.


Kickoff & Project Scope

Defining a work strategy means outlining a clear plan for achieving your goals.


Recruitment Process

Utilizing our spotters for candidate screening and sourcing, alongside soft skills validation and technology-driven analysis.


Presenting Candidates

It's time to introduce the human candidates we believe are the perfect fit.


Onboarding Day

It's time to roll up your sleeves. Let's get on board!


In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, there’s only one way to reach new weights: by assuring top notch in-house skills that can deliver exceptional work, no matter what software development language we’re speaking.

Software Development
Data Science / Big Data
Quality Assurance / Automation
DevOps / Cloud Infrastructure
IT Infrastructure Build and Support
IT Management
Robot Process Automation & Machine learning


It all starts in Portugal but our versatile team can drive meaningful impact wherever you are. Get to know the ones who are already with us in this exhilarating journey as we shape the future through the convergence of technology and innovation.

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Clients Testimonials

HumanIT has been responsive and resourceful in helping us identify some great candidates. Digital and IT roles are difficult these days, and Human IT has produced quality people and placed several candidates recently. I anticipate working with them over the coming months.

Sunrise, Switzerland

Our experience with HumanIT has been exceptional. Their quality, expertise and dedication in delivering solutions for our complex projects have truly impressed us. It has been an incredible journey that goes beyond just software engineering delivery. The seamless integration into our team, coupled with a shared passion for excellence, showcased a remarkable cultural alignment. The synergy between our values and their expertise has not only resulted in successful projects, but has also created a harmonious and productive work environment. We really look forward to continuing this engaging partnership and achieving even greater milestones together.

Confidential, The Netherlands

It's amazing to hear about the development of HumanIT and all the great milestones they have achieved and to hear about the new goals HumanIT is looking to make. We are happy to have found HumanIT as our early partner and HumanIT has been a truly reliable and cooperative partner for us for many years now in the development of our new location in Lisbon, with whom we have always found smart solutions for us and we are thankful for the great cooperation. We are looking forward to see the new heights of HumanIT!

ProductDock, Germany

We've been proudly partnering with Human IT for over three years, and it's been nothing short of exceptional. Their commitment to quality, reliability, and responsive service has been instrumental in our success. Human IT has consistently proven to be our go-to solution for challenging positions. Here's to more years of a fantastic partnership!

Hitachi, USA