Humans are the seed of our growth.

Work at HumanIT

Humans are the ultimate catalysts of meaningful relationships. Working with HumanIT is working in a environment where diversity and inclusion thrive. We celebrate the richness that different perspectives bring, understanding that it is through the tapestry of unique experiences that innovation truly flourishes.

Together we stand. Driven by the relentless pursuit of a future where the extraordinary potential of humans knows no bounds.

Embracing the HumanIT Experience


With budget to work remotely inside or outside Portugal.

Human to human

Lean Horizontal organization where everyone counts.

Constantly growth

In a culture of constant evolution and progress, growth becomes an inherent part of who we are as humans.

Retain talent

A company is only as good as the people it keeps.

Leadership culture

Continuous training and the ability to delegate tasks.

Autonomus responsability

Empowers individuals to take ownership of their work.

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We value the balance between professional and personal life. Our aim is for everyone to enjoy well-being, frequent travel, opportunities for giving back, and access to the financial resources and support required.

Remote friendly

It revolves around workplace versatility, allowing our humans the freedom to be their authentic selves.

Human growth budget

Growth is not just an opportunity; it's the expectation. We provide resources to push you out of your comfort zone.

Working station budget

From lightning speed internet to your favourite snacks, without missing a new chair and a new table.

Mobility remote program

You can go on full remote. Experience the lifestyle of a digital nomad or a travelled father.

International Relocations

We assist humans moving abroad with the support of our legal department, offering visa and travel arrangements.

Yearly Bonus

Isn't that 15 months in a year? When it comes to your pay check, it does!

Health insurance

Relax, your medical and dental insurance is fully assured by us.

Meal card

Taste the feeling of having your meals covered.

Birthday off

It's your day! Celebrate it as you wish with your beloved humans.

Time off

Enjoy the benefits of our flexible and progressive days off, thanks to our well-structured vacation policy.

Team building moments

Fostering strong bonds and enhancing complicity among team members.

Plus HumanIT

Bring a human and take advantage of our referral program.

Our human expedition

Humans are not our most important asset. The right humans are.



Humans may apply through one of the various digital platforms available.



Let's jump on a call. No strings attached, just a quick chat to get to know you better.



Your skill set is outstanding, and we're intrigued to witness your capabilities.



Once on board, you'll get to choose which project suits you better. You'll do your own match.



We welcome you on board. More than a job, a way of being Human.

Happy facts figures

Happy facts & figures

Hear from our humans

Working at HumanIT is a joy that you can only hope to be part of! The online rooms are filled with delightful people that share deep knowledge about not only work, but about everything! Work and life just happens in the middle of each other with a perfect harmony. You can’t even blame technology stacks or job roles because... well, let’s schedule an online coffee and we will explain why.

Lino Estêvão – Senior Fullstack Developer & DevOps Engineer

I started working at HumanIT in July of 2023, and since then, it has been an excellent experience. I've had the opportunity to work with the latest technologies in the Android field, as well as to meet and work with highly experienced colleagues in the Mobile area. The HumanIT event in October allowed me to personally meet many of my colleagues and learn more about the company's culture, which was very rewarding. I feel very pleased to be part of HumanIT.

Pedro Machado – Senior Mobile Android Developer

Being a Talent Manager at HumanIT is synonymous with "making things happen". But it happens differently, believe me! There is openness to learn and receive support whenever needed. It's about gaining knowledge, understanding new realities, closely following processes and people. What challenges me the most is knowing that every day, I can help someone find what they truly desire.
And you know what? It has been a hell of a ride.

Andreia Gabriel – Talent Manager

Working at HumanIT has been a very interesting experience from the beginning. I have been exploring and working with the latest technologies in the Mobile segment and have also met several people in the field within the company. Sharing knowledge and delivering results has been a constant since I started at HumanIT. I feel grateful to be part of this great team.

Magnum Rocha – Senior Mobile Android Developer

Looking back on the past year, I realized that one of HumanIT's mottos, "human 2 human", is not just a catchy phrase that goes well with the name. Despite the company having an excellent marketing team (let's be honest!), credit for this phrase must be shared with all employees. From the first phone call to the first interview, to the first contact with each of your colleagues, and even a year later, you realize that this is a company that values humanity in people. We work with machines, we are not machines. With this friendly and flexible environment, results emerge, people find a place where they can be good professionals, who also make mistakes, true, but who will continue to grow nonetheless. Combined with interesting projects and the best technologies, HumanIT is an excellent place to work!

Gonçalo Neto - Senior QA Engineer

Being a QA at HumanIT allows me to be challenged, to strive to be better and gives me every tool I need in order to ensure the quality of our projects.

Miguel Pitarma – Advanced Software QA Engineer

My favorite thing about working with HumanIT is the incredible relationship, it is more h2h (human to human)! It is a very interesting opportunity, experience and mindset! HumanIT has given time for growth and advancement. They have been very deliberate about understanding my professional goals and working with me to reach them. I feel motivated to work everyday while making a priority to balance professional work and family life.

Souad Mamo – Advenced Backend .NET Developer

Being a Talent Manager at HumanIT is a constant challenge. Sourcing the best talent in the IT world, constantly monitoring the candidate in the recruitment process and suggesting the best project are part of my work routine. At the end of each day, the goal is to feel that all the candidates I know feel that they had a great experience and conversation with HumanIT

Mariana Azevedo – Career Manager

The opportunity to be a Talent Manager at HumanIT has been unique, allowing me to have a close view of the fantastic talents working in IT. It's not just about being a Human Spotter, but also a Dream Maker, as it enables us to understand the virtues of the developer and exactly how to leverage them so they can take the next step according to their dreams.

João lima – Talent Manager


More than a workplace, HumanIT is a way of being and we want you to be part of it. A fast-paced team that is always in the lookout for the best humans to match our ambition.

Senior Java DeveloperLisbon, Portugal 🌍
Android Mobile DeveloperRemote, Portugal 🌍
Frontend DeveloperRemote, Portugal 🌍
Senior Golang DeveloperRemote, Anywhere 🌍
Data EngineerRemote, Portugal 🌍
Backend Node.js DeveloperRemote, Portugal 🌍
.NET DeveloperPorto, Portugal 🌍
Outsystems LeadRemote, Portugal 🌍

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