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Codecentric AG Germany

Setup Operation

Codecentric AG - Germany

Client Industry: Software House

Main Tech Stack: Java Spring, Openshift, Kubernetes, Angular 

Codecentric AG is a company with offices and operations across Germany and Europe, engaging with major players in dynamic sectors like e-commerce, automotive, German banking, and multinationals based in Dubai. Expanding its reach to Portugal, alongside existing operations in Germany, Netherlands, Bosnia, and Serbia, they embark on a groundbreaking project utilizing core technologies such as Java Spring Boot, Openshift, Kubernetes, Angular, and embracing the versatility of Javascript (Node.js, React.JS), and Python.

In a parallel rhythm, we assisted in securing a General Manager - a pivotal link between the Lisbon teams and the HQ in Germany, orchestrating a harmonious synergy across borders and technologies.

Published 20 Jun 2024