Humans são a semente do nosso crescimento.

Introducing the new HumanIt image and brand

Around four years ago, HumanIt was born as an IT recruitment agency to help organizations find the right humans for their projects.

Introducing the new HumanIt image and brand

Around four years ago, HumanIt was born as an IT recruitment agency to help organizations find the right humans for their projects and expand their professional teams.

After several years of building a national and international talent network, we naturally transitioned from recruitment to providing IT outsourcing services. We started tackling new industries ranging from Machine Learning, AI, Cloud, and Blockchain while developing technologies for European Banks. 

We are proud to have developed a vast pool of cutting-edge IT professionals who collaborate with organizations of all shapes and sizes to optimize their tech stack and operations.

In that sense, the previous HumanIt brand became obsolete. It simply could not keep up with our new route. And that is why we are excited to introduce our brand-new image and approach.

Our new brand is all about confidence, seriousness, and sobriety. We want to reaffirm our market presence with a trustworthy corporate approach to our communication. 

We are no longer a recruiting agency. We are a strategic engineering partner.

In business, there are years when everything is all about growth. This new website, instead, represents a year of affirmation and consolidation of our brand. We are now recognized and have a specific space in the industry that we wish to tackle. Also, we have been working with our clients and partners for four years, who trust us in our work and knowledge sharing. 

At HumanIt, we are proud to be a 100% Portuguese company generating positive financial results. This rebrand is a much-needed breath of fresh air, marking the start of a new era for our company. 

But even though we are changing and expanding, we aim to keep every one of our staff members. Retaining our humans is a must. 

Throughout all these years, we improved our technical knowledge and delivered fantastic results to our partners and clients. Now, we seek to voice our achievements and elevate our company to reach new heights and new types of partners. 

Perhaps even developing new operations, who knows?

For now, say hello to the new HumanIt, and may we reach success together.

Article written in collaboration with Priscila Correia.

Filipe LacerdaBusiness Manager & FounderPublished 8 Jul 2024